Local Pilot QNeST workshop – Thesprotia, Greece

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Local Pilot QNeST workshop – Thesprotia, Greece

On June 19, 2019, representatives of the University of Ioannina, partner of the QNeST “Quality Network for Sustainable Tourism”, in cooperation with the Chamber of Thesprotia, associated partner of the project, organized a workshop for sustainable tourism that was held at the Conference Center of the Chamber of Thesprotia.

The Administrative chief of Chamber of Thesprotia Mr. Petros Zoumpoulis pointed out the importance of this project for the entire region, supporting local producers, services and companies.

About 20 participants, representatives of the local community, small and medium businesses, tour operators and honey producers attended workshop where Prof Chrysostomos Stylios, project manager of UOI, presented the objectives of the project and stressed the importance of involvement of local communities in the preservation and promotion of the tourist potentials of this region and the valorization of cultural and natural heritage. In addition, Prof Stylios explained how the creation of the common brand QNeST would represent the quality standards for sustainable tourism and presented the benefits which potential QNeST stakeholders would have if engaged with other partners from the Adriatic Ionian region receiving the brand name QNeST.

There was a discussion related to the promotion of tourism routes of sustainable initiatives of this region through the potential offer of cultural and traditional heritage and several operators demonstrated interested towards the project and the possibility to be involved.

At the end of the session promoted the project’s platform and illustrated the Brand assignment process.

The conclusion of the workshop was the necessity of a high level of interaction and cooperation between cultural-historical geographical areas and the local community in order to successfully achieve sustainable tourism.