Local Pilot QNeST Workshop – Puglia Updates

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Local Pilot QNeST Workshop – Puglia Updates

With the start of the new year, a new cycle of QNeST initiatives has been launched. The first months of the second year of the project see the realization of local pilot workshops for the definition of a shared strategy and the planning of routes for sustainable tourism through the direct involvement of stakeholders and the first operators with the QNeST brand.

First, workshops will be launched locally by each project partner; then the QNeST team will implement an Adriatic Ionian Quality Workshop finalizing the transnational strategy and the action plan for new quality transnational itineraries.

Here we would like to offer you some shoots of the local workshops organized in Puglia:

Lecce 02-03-2019 – Local Workshop and micro-fair at BTM 5th edition


Manduria (TA) 01-04-2019 – Local Workshop at GAL Terre del Primitivo


San Nicandro Garganico (FG) 05-04-2019 – Local Workshop at ASP V. Zaccagnino